Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Don't worry we came back from Mexico in one piece!

I am just horrible at blogging.... wait, that is a lie. I think about blogging regularly but lately we haven't had Internet at home so my only chance to blog is from work on my lunch. So if I was actually able to blog all the times I think of blogging this place would be BOOMIN' with posts :)

Back to the Mexico recap...

Resort, poolside. The resort was absolutely stunning I am sad we didn't take more pictures of it.

Out on the dock, down the beach from the resort.

 Enjoying a drink....or 5 the night we arrived!
The Mister enjoying a drink in the hammock....I cannot even begin to explain the entertainment involved watching him try to get into it!

An awesome Lagoon just a short walk from our resort.

Cheering 'Happy Anniversary' to us with some new found friends.
All in all it was an amazing trip that the both of us deserved! It was great to just get away sans kids and truly enjoy each other.
We made some great friends and even greater memories!
Happy 5 years to us!
If you ever vacation to Mexico I would highly suggest Ocean Maya Royal by H10. The grounds are amazingly beautiful, the food has great variety and very tasty and the entertainment is well, entertaining!
We will absolutely by returning one of these years!