Friday, January 4, 2013

Health/Fitness in 2013

I am not big in to resolutions per se, for some people sure they work but for the masses I really think they just set people up for failure. People tend to set such high and unrealistic resolutions, so this year it isn't about resolutions, huge achievements or momentous events for me. Instead it will be small things I want to incorporate into my life and my family's life that will become habit. Sure I have a few things I hope to do in 2013 and I am hoping these small things will help me accomplish them but I am not setting anything in stone that MUST BE DONE!

To make it easier on my OCD brain I am going to break them into category, make a list within that category and then break that list down into smaller lists of things I hope to incorporate each month.....follow that?! Can you tell I like to make lists?

Ok, so the first category is health and fitness. Below are the things I would like to see come from 2013 when it comes to my health/fitness:

  • Pick up running. I ran a 5k in May of 2010, I have never been much of a runner so this was huge for me. I trained for about a month before and actually took 5th place in my age division (trust me I was shocked). Well guess what? I haven't really ran since ha! When I was training I loved to get out and run, let all the stresses of the day disappear and just be one with the run but shortly after my 5k I just stopped, I let excuses get in the way. Now I make time for fitness, I work out often but have never got back to running. So in 2013 I hope to get back into it. I would like to run a few 5k's this year.
  • Be more sport-active as a family. If you know my 3 (almost 4, ahhhh) year old you would know we are very active...hyper active that is :) None of us lack energy, we are always on the go and active individually. This year though I want to focus on being active as a family, mostly when it comes to sports. I want to make a point to go to the park and throw the ball around together, have a mini football game in the backyard, strap the bebe on the back and treck a tough hike... that kind of stuff.
  • Create an even healthier lifestyle. In the last 9 months or so Brett and I have completely transformed our lifestyle. We have become such a healthier 'us' and I am so proud and I don't want it to stop or slow down. Our diet has changed so drastically, switching mostly to unprocessed foods, complex carbs, healthy proteins, cut sugar etc. We have also made it a point to make fitness a part of our lifestyle. This year I hope to ramp that up to the next level. In addition to eating well and working out, I want to focus on our deeper health mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • See a difference in my physique. I am at what I set as my 'goal weight' but I am still not where I want to be. I don't have a size or weight in mind but instead a vision of my ideal physique. Which looks something like this...
So there you have it. I wouldn't be surprised if I throw a few additional things here and there but for now these are the things I hope to come in 2013.
Now for the month of January. I am starting small this month and there are a few things I am trying to incorporate into my life.
#1- Ditch the coffee (for the most part). When I have coffee I tend to go over board with the creamer or flavored stuff. I entered myself into a body fat % competition recently (I will post more about it another day) and it runs through April. I am pretty strict when it comes to cutting out unnecessary fat and sugars in my everyday life... other than my coffee and trust me I drink my fair share of it. So in order to help with cutting body fat I am going to cut out my coffee until the end of the competition...other than on Wednesdays! My Mom and I have a set coffee date on Wednesdays and while yes I know I can still have tea on my coffee date I must allow myself to splurge slightly. For the record I am not giving up caffeine... I don't want to kill over. I will be drinking tea so if you know of any stellar teas let me know. I love to try new stuff.
#2- Warm lemon water baby! Have you ever read up on the benefits of drinking warm lemon water? No. Well go HERE (just make sure to come back). This is only one site listing some of the benefits, there are lots more but these are the some of the best. So I have decided to start off every morning with a warm cup of lemon water throughout the month of January to come to a verdict of my own.
#3- Stretching. Pretty simple. I was a gymnast for a good portion of my adolescent life and damn was I flexible. I still have a bit of it, I am probably more flexible than most people (especially my husband) but not near where I would like to be. Stretching is also good for the body all around, not just to impress your husband with the splits haha so I am in. Shooting for a mini morning stretch session and a good 15 minutes in the evening every day.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

And the dust settles...

Wow, what a crazy holiday season! The last thing I remember was Halloween and BAM it is 2013!

Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope your holidays were filled with as much joy and excitement as mine.... I however hope it wasn't filled with as much hecticness.

As much as I love the holidays I am oh so glad they are over and life can get back to normal. Who am I trying to kid my life is never 'normal' but what fun would that be anywho?

October through December was fully of laughs, hugs, kisses, moments where I wanted to cry, more laughs, moments where I wanted to pull my hair out and then some more kisses! I hope to sneak in some pictures of our adventures from the last few months (minus the crying and hair pulling) in the next few posts but for now I this is all I have.