Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sprinklers may be the death of me

Let me start off by saying that if I ever hire YOU to do any sort of construction/repair work to my home that I will be handcuffing myself to you until the job is complete, mmmkay?
Why you ask? Well because I had ONE shitty experience with ONE shitty contractor and it has left a sour taste in my mouth about them all.
When Brett and I bought our house 5 years ago there was no landscaping and the basement was unfinished. We thought this was great because then we could make it our own, just the way we wanted it. Ha silly stupid us. 'Making it our own' has be such an effing headache thus far and again I blame that on ONE shitty contractor.
Long-short of it, we hired good ol' Luis of Wendys Landscaping (local buyers beware) to completely landscape our yard. Leveling, sprinklers, curbing, gravel, sod... the whole nine yards. He was a smooth talker, a deal maker and a flake. Half way through the work he disappeared with payment in hand (our fault, I know I know). I am an honest person so I guess I just expect everyone else to be but this guy truly f*cked us sideways. Not only did he not complete the work but the work that he did do is sooo jacked that it has become more work for us to fix his mistakes than it would have for us to just do it all from the get go.
So here we are on day two, 4 Home Depot trips later and still the shit isn't done. And we are just talking the sprinklers right now, not to mention the rest of the shit the yard needs. What we thought was a simple job of hooking a few things up (since the asshole at least laid the sprinklers) has turned into a nightmare. Things like this really do test your patience and I need to constantly remind myself that my husband is not the reason for my frustrations... he is just the closest person around to take them out on.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who we are and what we are doing here!

Daddy and Mommy- Or Brett and Rachel if you'd rather. Before there was 'us' there was a high school football star and a shopaholic. Then in '07 we met each other and decided we didn't want to live another day without each other, we were married 7 months later. Brett is the impulsive, go getter, do it now er and I am the plan it, think it....plan it, think it again-er. I am the out going, life of the party and he is the quiet but loyal type. We love each other beyond belief and love the life we have created.

Chaz- Born 6 weeks premature, he came into the world practically running and hasn't slowed down since. If it has to do with robots, dinosaurs or super heroes he is in. He is the most compassionate, free spirited yet ridiculously smart 3 year old I know. If he loves you/it he will tell you....multiple times and will never let you forget it. Our boy, our soul, our everything.

 Ava- "Feisty" was the word all the NICU nurses used to describe baby girl. Taking after both her Daddy and I she started out extremely competitive and had to 'out do' her brother from the get go and showed up 8 weeks premature. She is a fighter, a lover, a sassy pants and the light of our life.

I have blogged numerous times before (you can find my old blogs HERE and HERE) but like most people the every day life caught up to me and I let it go. Now as I am watching my children grow and my life evolve and change I find myself thinking I need to document these things. I have something happen every single day that I don't want to ever forget so here I am again. I know I could have simply picked up where I left off, who would have cared.... I WOULD HAVE CARED! My OCD wouldn't allow me to so welcome to my new (and hopefully LASTING) blog.

So what shall I blog about? Well EVERYTHING of course.

Children, you will read more about my children then you will probably want to but like every mother I think my children are constantly doing such AMAZING thing (that are actually probably pretty average) but you can bet your ass I will be braggin' about it here.

Fitness, Brett and I have turned such a corner in our lives when it comes to our health and fitness. Some would say we are a bit obsessed but I take that as a compliment.

Craziness, Brett and I recently have decided to jump head first into finishing/renovating our home. We have a life long project list but would like to have it done in ohhhh... a year, maybe two. Did I mention we will be doing most of it ourselves? Ok, when I say ourselves I mean with the involuntary help of family members that don't know they will be helping yet :) Don't worry we will pay in beer! Ha, like I said.... craziness.

Love, awwww! We really are both hopeless romantics and while I will try to keep the intimate stuff between the 2 of us I can't promise I won't come here to brag about the amazing amount of love we have and how we have it.