Friday, February 15, 2013

Recapping Januarys health and fitness goals

Recap of how I did with my January health and fitness goals.

#1 Ditching the coffee- In January I did pretty good at sticking to a my once a week Starbucks treat. I maybe cheated 2 or 3 times. If you have kids and regularly rely on coffee I am sure you understand my slip ups! Although I have found a few different tea brands and flavors that I like none of them had enough of the kick I was needing.

I did however discover BSN Syntha-6 Caramel Latte Protein which when mixed with iced black coffee is surprisingly delicious. The protein alone is great but I just wasn't sure that when I mixed it with strong black coffee if it would have enough sweetness to make it taste like I wanted but 1 and a half scoops is just perfect to a cup of coffee. 

#2 Warm lemon water- I am absolutely hooked on this and am so glad I decided to give this a try. It is a perfect warm fresh start to the day. It has actually helped curb that craving for a warm cup of coffee in the morning which is great. Also, I tend to have some slight stomach issues and I have noticed since starting this I feel great and don't tend to get stomach aches. Plus the great amounts of vitamin C I am getting everyday is great.

#3 Stretching- Why did I not start this sooner? I really should have known better. I grew up doing gymnastics and I know how important stretching is and how great it can make you feel. I suffer from horrible upper body/neck/shoulder pain. I have always suffered from migraines and after having Chaz I noticed a considerable amount of pain. I am sure just regular tension and stress but it never seemed that I could get a handle on it and control it. I have been told by multiple massage therapists that I had the worst knots and tension in my upper back that they have ever seen :/

So on NYE I got an aaaaamazing massage from a friend, while excruciatingly painful it was exactly what I needed for a fresh start. This is the one goal that I really wanted to put all my effort into keeping and boy am I glad I did.

Surprisingly enough I didn't focus on stretching my upper body much, instead I focused on lower back and legs. I read in a book (can't remember the title) that it makes no sense to stretch an area with knots. Think about it.... you tie a knot and then pull it from each end, what happens? It becomes tighter of course!!!! See, I have been doing it wrong for so long. You want to massage knots and stretch good healthy muscle. So with some bribing and betting I was able to get/win some rub downs from the husband and focused on stretching the rest of my body. I cannot say how much of a difference this has made. I seriously feel like a new woman!

All in all I feel good about my goals and sticking to them!

Since I have slacked on setting new ones for February I am just going to continue with Januarys and set a fresh new set for March which I will post about as soon as I decide on them. Plus I want to set a few goals for my home life, which I will share too!


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